Aposense is focused on a novel and powerful natural energy resource: the membrane dipole potential, a recently-discovered voltage, measurable in every leaflet of any phospholipid membrane. Due to the high hydrophobicity of biological membranes, the dipole potential translates into an enormously strong electric field of up to 1 billion V/m (!), spanning ~30 Å, from membrane surface to membrane center. Excitingly, this electric potential, and its related internal membrane electric field have not been recruited to date for any biotechnological or medical application.

Fascinated by the fact that every cell harbors its own discrete and strong powerhouse, Aposense developed rationally-designed Molecular Nano-Motors (MNMs), being novel small-molecule chemical entities, capable of “energy mining” from the internal membrane electric field, and its translation into kinetic energy, for movement within the hydrophobic membrane core. Upon linkage to a cargo drug, this intra membrane movement of the MNMs is utilized for the trans-membrane delivery of macro-molecule drugs such as siRNA into the cytoplasm, where they exert their pharmacological effects, e.g., gene silencing.

To date, Aposense conducted extensive biological experiments that have shown that our MNMs can perform efficacious delivery of large, heavily negatively-charged oligonucleotides into numerous cell types in vitro, and to numerous organs in vivo, upon systemic intravenous administration.

The technology is “user’s friendly”: the MNMs are modular, can be “click attached” to any oligonuleotide sequence, and its unique systemic distribution opens broad avenues to address unmet clinical needs.

Our mission is translating the vision of siRNA therapeutics into a “druggable” reality.