Very wide IP portfolio covering the structure, Mechanism Of Action and method of utilization

Patent Coverage

  • PCT and world-wide patent applications
  • Novel Compounds, Conjugates & related formulations
  • Mechanism of action
  • Methods utilizing said Compounds and Conjugates for delivery of molecules and macromolecules, across biological membranes into cells.
  • Methods for utilizing said Compounds and Conjugates, for the treatment of medical disorders

Patent Applications and status

  • US Patent Application No. 14/830,799 was allowed on April 11, 2017.
  • 5 Provisional Patent application were consolidated into a PCT Application, which is now in the National Phase, world-wide.
  • Corresponding applications are now pending in Israel, Japan, Europe, Canada, China, India, Australia, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Russia (filing date: 29-March-2015).
  • 5 additional Continuation-In-Part applications (CIPs) are now pending in the United States.
  • PCT (international) patent application No. PCT/IL2016/050893 is pending (filed: 17-August-2016) covering the same aspects of the CIPs.
  • A new US-patent, covering additional recent developments in the Project is now being submitted.