RNA interference (RNAi) is an adaptive defense mechanism triggered by double-stranded RNA (dsRNA). It is a powerful reverse genetic tool, employed to silence gene expression in mammalian and human cells. Small interfering RNA (siRNA) is regarded as a very potent tool also for inhibition of viral expression.

SirVir, an Aposense subsidiary, dedicated to the field of respiratory viral infections, is headed by Professor Roger D Kornberg, Nobel Prize Laureate, 2006, and funded by Sir Leonard Blavatnik through an affiliate of Access Industries Inc.  SirVir is focused on developing siRNA therapeutics against respiratory viral infections, based on Aposense’s proprietary gene delivery platform.

SirVir’s team comprises of key opinion leaders in the fields of genetics, infectious diseases, drug development, formulation and molecular biology.


We envision siRNA as the most potent tool against the current COVID-19 pandemic. Previous studies have shown that siRNAs are highly effective and specific inhibitors of viral multiplication, therefore may serve as an excellent anti-viral drug. In addition, this concept may also provide adequate response towards any viral pandemic upon its potential emergence in the future.

SirVir, established a COVID-19 program, with the goal of accelerating development of genetic therapy for the COVID-19. SirVir have obtained positive results in its pre-clinical experiment against the COVID-19, Viral inhibition was observed at the extent of 90%.    

SirVir is now working to generate the data needed to start clinical development. The plan is to meet with the FDA and other regulatory agencies soon, with a view to filing an IND to test the drug in humans towards the end of 2020.


This program is being developed as a potential treatment against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)