The completion mapping of the Human Genome yielded numerous novel targets for gene therapy.

Two decades of research resulted in improved Oligo  strategies, with tools for Backbone stabilization and improving the interactions at the target sites

Oligos for modulation of gene expression are known to be highly efficient once at the target site.

The current lack of adequate tools for the trans-membrane delivery of these Oligos, is widely recognized as the major factor that Holds-Back the Clinical Implementation of genetic drugs.

Aposense pioneers in energizing drug delivery by a recently-discovered, constitutive and extremely powerful electrostatic field (1Billion V/m!), that resides in the depth of any phospholipid membrane.

This source of energy is related to the membrane dipole potential, generated by the unique architecture of the phospholipid bilayers.

Aposense develops first-in-class Molecular NanoMotors (MNMs) being novel small-chemical entities (MW≈800Dalton), capable of “energy mining” from the intra-membrane electric field.

The Apo-Si is a platform technology for the delivery of genetic drugs, such as siRNA into cells.

The Apo-Si utilizes a unique opportunity, of co-localization in the cell membrane of both the large unmet need (delivery of macromolecule drugs), and the solution (a strong intra-membrane electric field, capable of energizing the delivery process). By providing an interface between these phenomena, the Apo-Si Platform achieves the desired trans-membrane delivery of genetic drugs.

These hallmarks combined with the compact, versatile and modular structure of the MNM, may conceivably quality the Apo-Si Platform to serve as a future unified industry standard for the trans-membrane delivery of genetic drugs, thus translating genetic therapeutics into a “druggable” reality.

As a gene delivery platform our strategy is to form multiple, parallel joint ventures with field leaders based on various nucleic acids in various therapeutic areas, utilizing our MNMs for delivery of genetic drugs.

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