Aposense is an Israeli biopharmaceutical company (TASE: APOS), specializing in development of novel drugs, based on a proprietary integration of structural and electrical properties of biological membranes.

The Technology:

For almost two decades now, the Company pioneers in translational R&D, of a recently-discovered, constitutive and extremely powerful electric field (107-108 V/m !), that resides deep within any phospholipid membrane, and relates to the membrane electric dipole potential. Aposense Technology is the first utilization of this resource to energize molecular binding reactions for various medical applications, ranging from imaging of cell deathformation of intra-membrane drug depots for sustained-release, to trans-membrane delivery of macro-molecules, such as DNAsiRNA or therapeutic proteins.

Fascinated by this unique, abundant, and previously unutilized natural energy resource, available within any cell in the body, we have achieved the rational design and development of electrical Molecular NanoMotor(s) (MNMs), able to convert the potential energy of the internal membrane electric field into kinetic energy, and respectively move within the membrane, while exerting beneficial pharmacological effects. These innovative “Molecular NanoMotors” are the core of our Technology.

Our MNMs are pharmaceutically-compatible, small-molecule chemical moieties (MW≈700 Daltons), capable of moving within the core of cell membranes in response to the internal electric field. Upon conjugation of Aposense MNMs to a macro-molecule drug, the drug is efficiently delivered across cell membranes. Furthermore, a proprietary molecular switch motif is integrated within our MNMs. It is selectively activated upon entry into the cells, and acts to release and liberate the intact macro-molecule drug in the cytoplasmatic compartment, to exert its biological action.

Proof-Of-Concept studies:

Extensive biological experiments have shown that our MNMs can simply and efficiently deliver large, heavily negatively-charged oligonucleotides or protein/RNA complexes into cells, while preserving  biological function (e.g.gene silencing). Our delivery system is non-toxic, compact, and uncharged. All these exciting and favorable features are enabled by the entirely novel Mechanism of Action.

Aposense Molecular NanoMotors may therefore set a novel, unified industry standard, addressing the challenge of trans-membrane delivery of macro-molecules for clinical use, and assisting in translating the vision of macro-molecule therapeutics into a “druggable” reality.